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Street party

Who we are

The JoJo Group are people who love fun and can share their joy with others. Our positive energy enables us to cater all cultural entertainment events swiftly and professionally, create a unique atmosphere and provide our customers with the absolute best quality of service tailored to their specific needs.

I realized that in life you do best what you enjoy doing. Thai’s why I set up the JoJo Group. It was a simple need to do what you love and what you passionate about. I’m extremely happy that I can work with some great people - excellent, reliable entertainers who are guided by the same life principle as I am: enjoy what you do and spread around the positive energy. We are glad that we can serve even broader spectrum of customers, and new ones we would like to attract to work with us by saying: we make you party!!
Kasia Ciróg, the JoJo Group establisher
JoJo – we make you party!!