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Entertainer dressed as a clown

For kids

This is what we have to offer for the little ones.

Birthday parties

Celebrating your child’s special day with the JoJo Group’s entertainers can be much more fun. We offer a vast and versatile selection of party themes:

  • indian village
  • pirates of the Caribbean
  • army
  • fashion show
  • princesses and knights
  • UFO
  • magician and friends and many others.

To captivate your child and their friends our entertainers use: balloon animals, big soap bubbles. face-painting, Klanza sheet, jugglery etc. A prearranged party scenario will be discussed with the parents.

Kids on wedding reception

You may ask yourself what to do with kids during your wedding reception? There is an easy way out: hire the JoJo Group ! Our highly skilled and experienced entertainers help include your young guests in the event and keep them occupied with lots of kid-friendly fun. Our performances have always gotten a very positive feedback from the newlyweds and the parents. The content, structure start and finish time of the performance are flexible and can be altered to suit your requirements.


We have created and organized many workshops for kids that address lots of art-related topics. The most popular ones amongst our young participants are:

  • samba drumming workshop
  • circus and juggling workshop (developing both halves of the brain)
  • dance workshop (various styles)
  • art workshop
  • environmental workshop
  • craft workshop
  • theatre workshop

During our workshops children can explore and expand their skills in a play-based way as well as enhance their creativity through being involved in artistic activities. We offer each child plenty of individual attention, and our supportive environment allows them to express their emotion creatively while learning teamwork and problem solving skills.

Kids room wall art

We have often helped parents make their children’s rooms more attrective. Thanks to our wall art a bare room can transform into an enjoyable, vibrant and joyful place – just a wonderland. An exclusivly selected, personalized design will make your child feel very special in his/her room. Its walls will liven up and become a real decoration. We carried out similar projects in schools and preschools.